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5 Tips for Organizing Preschool Classroom Supplies

Organization is a priority for the preschool classroom. By keeping everything in order, a successful learning environment for both teacher and students can be created. In turn, there will then be more time available for teaching and less time spent searching for the necessary educational tools.   Here are five helpful tips to design a well-managed and structured preschool classroom by focusing on organization.

5 Tips for Organizing Preschool Classroom Supplies

1. Label, Label, Label

Labels are a great way to get organized because they help in identifying particular items. By using colorful labels to capture the attention of preschoolers, students will begin to learn where specific items can be found and, even better, put back when they are done. Through the use of labels, young learners can develop independence and confidence as they start to see what they can do for themselves. From printed colored labels to vinyl die-cut decals, there are many different ways to begin to label all kinds of classroom supplies.

2. Color Code

Color coding is one of the best and simplest ways to keep classroom supplies organized. Toddlers can identify and recognize colors easily and usually more quickly than a label written in text. To get started, color code the obvious things like crayons and markers which can by stored in containers corresponding to their color. Colored dots can be used to keep the same type of books in a particular bin of the same colored dot. Files and cubbies can also be organized by color to assist students in locating their personal items or pieces of work. The options are endless and color coding is a fun way to brighten up any classroom.

3. Clear Containers

Accessibility through visibility is easily achieved with the use of clear storage containers in the preschool classroom. Keeping school supplies in see-through boxes and adding labels does double duty for organization and order. Because contents can been seen through the box, items that aren’t used all the time can be stored up high as they are still visually accessible. Having all items available visually saves time for both teacher and students.

4. Station Storage

Storing classroom supplies where they are used the most is an obvious, but sometimes, unthought-of idea for teachers. Preschool classroom designs that take advantage of one subject learning areas or centers can make the most of specific station storage.   Place books and comfortable seating in the reading nook, store math manipulatives and number games in the math area, and so on. Keeping items where they see the most use helps maintain order in the classroom while making items easily accessible.

5. Photo Files

Filing solutions with students’ names and photos attached help teach preschoolers responsibility. By learning what belongs in their file and where their file can be found, early learners begin to develop a sense of freedom and accountability. Making this easy for them with the use of photo files is a great way to help students feel pride and accomplishment while keeping the classroom organized.

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