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As the leading child care staffing firm, with the largest pool of substitutes available, Child Care Careers (RF) can meet your short & long-term substitute and permanent teacher needs, better than anyone else - in most cases within a few hours.
Resource Factor Recruit fully trained  licensing requirements and all of our substitute teachers undergo rigorous screening and evaluation before being hired. Our teachers always meet or exceed Ontario licensing requirements and carry the documentation to prove it with them on every assignment.
Our aim is to provide provides fully qualified and pre-screened teachers, ECE, ECA, EA's and  educators to private schools, child care centres, Montessori schools, preschools, and before & after school programs. Resource Factor staff are available on-demand, even same day, for short-term assignments, long-term assignments or permanent placements. Call us to learn how to register and try our services! It is absolutely FREE to sign up and there is no obligation to use our services. Pay only when you place an order.

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Signing up with Resource Factor is free and there is no obligation - you pay only for what you use.  Please see how we can help solve one of your biggest headaches as an owner or a school director.
If any of the following situations seem familiar to you, your troubles could be over with one call.

  • One of your employees calls in sick that morning 

  • A planned vacation is coming up for an employee

  • An employee's maternity leave is approaching

  • An employee has an emergency family issue and can't come to work 

  • You would like to send one of your employees for training for a day or two

  • One or more of your employees leave unexpectedly

  • You want to add on more staff, but would like to first observe their performance before making a long-term commitment

  • You urgently need to hire people, but can't afford the time and expense of placing ads, interviewing candidates, and waiting for background check results

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Signing up with Resource Factor  is absolutely FREE. It does not commit you to using any services for any period of time.

It just allows us  to complete some necessary paperwork, without which we can not commence service. Once you have signed up, when you do have a staffing need, Resource Factor can respond to your request immediately.

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Temporary Placements
Resource Factor can provide you with any number of temporary employees for any period of time, from four hours to many months. We have the pool of qualified staff. Typically, Resource Factor can respond within hours after receiving your order. We bill by the hour and you only pay for the hours that the temporary employee is actually at your center. Call now to get our current hourly rates.


Our aim is to provide high quality of staff that meet your immediate needs

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Services for Schools and Day care facility: Service
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